Spring Is In the Air!

This blog post was guest-written by Meck at Stonebridge Academy in Bremen, Georgia.

Stonebridge Academy : Spring Is In the Air!

As spring is in the air, the buzz about bees, butterflies, and growing flowers is surrounding Ms. Sydney and Ms. Avery’s classroom in K3B! As a part of expressing each child’s creative side, he/she finger-painted coffee filters as flowers and painted a green stem. This art lesson enables each child to share with friends their favorite kind of flower which expresses their social and emotional preferences. The class also shared the components a flower needs for growth which supports their prior knowledge about the life cycle of a plant that they learned in science. While discussing flowers, the class expressed their fun and messy personalities while creating their masterpiece.

In addition to learning about flowers at school, a fun science activity that parents can try with their children at home is to dissect a flower and discuss the parts of each flower such as the petals, roots, and the stem. This allows children to perform hands-on. Another craft for the child to try at home is a flower mural. Let him/her choose a flower and paint the petals carefully then press onto a piece of paper to create a mural of their own. Both activities highlight what the children already know from school.