“Outside the Lines Nutrition” Program

Outside the Lines Nutrition“Outside the Lines,” the Bridge Learning Center’s nutrition program is an important part of our mission to achieve overall wellness and fitness for our children. We have menus designed by chefs that ensure your child not only eats healthy, but enjoys what they are eating as well.

  • The Bridge exceeds the FDA standards for all 5 food groups (meat and beans, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and milk).
  • In your child’s nutrition packet, we offer suggestions for picky eaters and ways to have fun with your children in the kitchen!
  • No enriched breads or wheat breads, only whole grain breads and snacks are served
  • Only fresh fruits, or fruits packed In 100% juice instead of packed in syrup or sugar.
  • Only fresh, and fresh-frozen lean meats and proteins are served on the daily menu.
  • The FDA’s “My Plate” poster is posted and discussed in each classroom daily.
  • Cooking and gardening activities are a part of the weekly curriculum in each classroom.

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