Creepy, Crawly Fun with Infants


This blog was guest written by Angie Griffie at Mirror Lake Academy in Villa Rica, Georgia.

The Bridge Learning Centers takes great pride in all the activities and educational opportunities we provide for each child in our programs. As most may expect, we focus on the children’s language skills, cognitive development, math, science and much, much more, but we also devote time each day to physical growth and development of the children.  All of our preschool classes have a physical and health development activity as well as a PlayLine activity every day. Each activity is designed to focus on improving their ability to perform a wide range of various motor tasks, using their large and small muscles.

Infant’s physical health and development is so important because the children are growing, moving, exploring and reaching new milestones every day.  As teachers and care givers of your children, we see a lot of physical skills develop in our infant classrooms. We may get an infant as young as 6 weeks old and watch the them learn to hold his/her head up, sit up, roll over, crawl, pull up on furniture, and then walk all in a matter of months!

Below is just one of the many activities we may engage a child in to assist in their physical development.

Infants 6 months-1 year
Creepy Crawly Fun!

Crawling and creeping not only helps your baby get around but also use the right and the left sides of the body at the same time. This helps late with reading and writing skills.

  • Lay the baby on his/her tummy on a mat o carpet surface
  • Place a favorite toy in front of him/her, just out of reach.
  • Encourage him/her to go get it.


  • Let the baby reach and retrieve the toy, but make a game out of moving it just out of reach again.
  • Repeat as long as the baby stays interested.
  • Use language to encourage him/her and describe what he/she is doing. For example: “Go get your toy sweetie, that’s it, good job! Move your arms and now your legs. Almost there, you did it!”